~ Heather Honey ~

It is a product of high nutritional value. A great honey for children with anemia but also for the elderly. A single spoon of this honey is enough to literally relieve them. Heather honey has the unique property of lowering cholesterol. Scientific research has shown that heather or heather honey has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties with emphasis on the urinary and digestive system. It has a characteristic smell and taste that is particularly liked by demanding consumers. High-grade honey, rich in silicon, boron and barium. It crystallizes rapidly, in one to three months. It is dark colored and after its crystallization it gives a reddish appearance.

Avaliable packages:

250gr glass cylindrical jar / 250gr glass cubicjar
450gr glass cylindrical jar / 450gr glass cubicjar
950gr glass cylindrical jar (depend on availability)

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