~ Arbutus Honey ~

Arbutus honey has a dark color, medium density and bitter taste. It is rich in trace elements and vitamins, good for humans and has even been found to be diuretic and relieves stress, it is good for the circulatory and heart, but also as a diuretic it does good on the kidneys and therefore on the prostate. It contains more natural antibiotics than other honeys, making it a protective shield for the body against various diseases. The calories that arbutus honey offers in the body are less than others (due to the lower sugar content) and so are recommended in diet cases as well as for Type 2 Diabetics. In Greece we produce it almost every year in the Peloponnese and Halkidiki and it is a particularly tonic food for humans and bees.

Avaliable packages:

250gr glass cylindrical jar / 250gr glass cubicjar
450gr glass cylindrical jar / 450gr glass cubicjar
950gr glass cylindrical jar (depend on availability)

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