~ Bee Pollen ~
( fresh )

A Natural product supplied as is from the bees to us. This is pure and natural food with high nutritional value greatly benefiting the human body. From early times it has been regarded as one of the most nutritious foods known to man. The pollen can be used as a dietary supplement for all people; it is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, hormones, carbohydrates, amino acids and thousands of enzymes and coenzymes.

Numerous studies have shown that pollen contains nearly all (20-22) the necessary amino acids for humans, which the body itself cannot synthesize. Pollen is often called the absolute complete diet or just “miracle food”. It promotes well-being, improves the metabolism, helps mental functions, strengthens the immune system, is particularly beneficial on prostate issues and has many more benefits. It can be consumed as is, mixed with honey, dissolved in juice or in any decoction of your choice.

Avaliable packages:

450gr glass cylindrical jar

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